Pre-School Education Level 2

Pre-School Education Level 2

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The Pre-School Learning Set – Level 2 is an award-winning bundle of three games that are designed toreinforce learning the letters, and teach pre-school skills in a kid-friendly and engaging way! Beautifully illustrated by well-known artists and designed with sturdy, eco-friendly materials that are easy for little hands to grip and explore, this collection will provide hours of cognitive development and fun!

Key features:

  • Set includes:
    • Alphabet and Phonics Flash Cards
      • 45x Flash Cards (both upper and lower case)
      • 2x Parent Cards
      • Helps to reinforce learning the letters and their sound/symbol relationship
      • Perfect for new readers
      • Sturdy sliding box for storage and travel
      • Compiled by Reading Specialist Dr. Sarah Brown
      • Illustrations by Monika Forsberg
    • Alphabet and Numbers Puzzle Pairs
      • 36x Pairs to match
      • The directions offer six ways to play
      • Upper and lowercase letters are matched to an object beginning with that letter, and numeral pieces fit into corresponding pieces with dots.
      • Winner of the Oppenheim Gold Award
    • Animal Counting Puzzles
      • 10x three-piece spelling puzzles that make up a number with corresponding animal illustrations
      • Only the correct pieces will fit together, and with illustrations and color to guide the way, the puzzles are self-correcting.
      • Winner of the Oppenheim Platinum Award
  • Made from 90% recycled gray board and printed with vegetable-based inks
  • Age recommendation: 3 – 4 years +
  • Dimensions:
    • Flash Cards:4.5” x 6”
    • Puzzle Pairs Box:9“ x 1” x 9”
    • Puzzle Box:9” x 2” x 9”



toys are designed to promote literacy, storytelling, drawing, imaginative play, and basic math, and the artwork is commissioned from well-loved illustrators of kids’ books. Designed with our planet and the safety of young children in mind, every product is made from 90% recycled greyboard, printed with soy-based inks, thoroughly safety tested, and no unnecessary packaging is used. It is the founders’ hope that their products will encourage not just children, but the whole family to get down on the floor and play and learn together.

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